P629 AS-6 Single Grip Compression Packer

 P629 AS-6 Single Grip Compression Packer

The P629 AS-6 Single Grip  Compression Packer was specifically designed  as the lower packer in a zone isolation completion. It is run with the AS-5 anchor packer above creating a system that sets with compression, but allows the tubing string to be removed from the upper packer using the T-2 On/Off Tool. The extended stroke seal area of the AS-6 allows for tubing movement or pressure changes between the two packers while maintaining a seal. The AS-6 Packer is available in right and let hand automatic or manual J-slot configurations. The AS-6 Packer can also be used as a single grip production packer in completions where low differential pressure form below the packer is expected.


  • Extended stroke seal area
  • Large by-pass area
  • Uses common replacement parts