Hydro Seal Packer


The Peak Hydro-Seal Packer is designed to be run in either open or cased hole applications.  The Hydro-Seal can be ran alone or in tandem in order to provide water shut-off or zonal isolation in either vertical or horizontal wells.  The packer is hydraulically set with an internal locking mechanism providing a positive and reliable long-term pack-off.  Both durable construction and a small OD makes the Peak Hydro-Seal Packer an excellent alternative to the use of inflatable packers.


The Hydro-Seal is hydraulically set by applying pressure against a temporary plugging device in the tubing below the packer.  The setting pressure can be adjusted through field accessible setting shear pins.  The Hydro-Seal is released simply by applying tubing tension at the tool and can be assisted with applied tubing pressure.  The shear release can also be adjusted in the field.  The Hydro-Seal can be run in conjunction with other Peak completion tools and accessories as required.


  • Zonal isolation in cased or open hole
  • Gas or water shut-off
  • Testing
  • Selective stimulation
  • Formative fracture isolation
  • Excellent alternative to inflatable packers


  • Multiple packing elements
  • Dual action setting piston
  • Internal locking mechanism
  • Field adjustable setting pressure
  • Field adjustable shear release
  • Tubing pressure shear release assist
  • Minimum OD ideally suited for open hole and horizontal applications
  • Can be ran alone or in tandem
  • Can be used in conjunction with other completion tools and accessories
  • Available in standard, sour service, or premium service version