Peak Completions introduces record-breaking stimulation sleeve

Precision technology provides operators with up to 62 independently-treated stages, the most possible to date

Nov 13, 2012 – Peak Completions has added the high performance Super-Port™ to its line of multistage stimulation offerings. The Super-Port™ is a ball actuated frac sleeve utilizing reduced increment ball seats that are precision engineered to provide high reliability and an increased number of stages, bringing operators enhanced stimulation capabilities.

The Super-Port™ utilizes Peak’s standard frac balls allowing operators to sustain low costs and ease of millout. The sleeve maintains a true 10k psi differential rating and provides an increased flow rate compared to other openhole multistage systems currently on the market.

"Our new Super-Port™ demonstrates the great strides we are making with many of our newest technologies. The sleeve system offers several key benefits to operators who want to increase their completion efficiencies," says Ray Hofman, President and CEO of Peak Completions. He continues, "Operators completing extended-reach wells with high numbers of stages in the Bakken, for instance, will be able to increase their production while drastically decreasing costs, completion cycle time, and operational risks."

The 5.5" openhole system offers up to 62 stages, while the 4.5" system can provide 46 stages. The Super-Port™ can be combined with several other of Peak's technologies to create a hybrid system of single and multiple sleeves per stage which would further increase the number of possible stages and exit points. Operators have numerous choices for zonal isolation, including the hydraulically set Predator™ packer or the SwellShark™ swellable packer. The Super-Port™ is also available for cemented, multilateral, and HPHT applications.


Peak Completions is a leading oil and gas completion technology company providing in-house engineering, its own manufacturing, and dedicated service to operators around the globe. Peak specializes in cutting-edge openhole and cemented multistage stimulation systems that maximize production, reduce costs, and minimize risks.

Peak Completions systems have been installed in the major producing basins and exploratory projects worldwide. The Peak team is dedicated to providing the highest level of excellence: field-proven technologies, ultra-efficient operations, and unparalleled customer service.

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